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Dear Heart, Prepare to be [entries|friends|calendar]

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[January 16, 2005]
[ mood | happy ]

Definitely got a New Livejournal

Comment there to be added.++


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[January 6, 2005]
What is up you people.
I'm at Heather's awesome house and we took some pictures. I dont know what to update about though. Its almost 4am. :)

PicturesCollapse )

Well its January. :) Heather and I celebrated New years again kind of.
we wrote a list of everything we regret from 2004 and burnt it at midnight.
Heather definitely almost burnt the house down, idiot.
it was good times, though.

If you havent noticed, this is Heather typing right now. :) I've had the pleasure to update Bre's journal.
My goal in life.

♥ comment comment, comment!!
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Happy New Years, I love you! :) [January 1, 2005]

Well Last Night was awesome :)

I spent my new years with Trina! awesome funn!

Also w/ Hailey Shayla Manda and some other kidds it was funn :)

When it hit 12 me and Trina ran outside in the cold!! Hahaa and ran around the yard yellin HAPPY NEW YEARS!! It was fun :)

I finally got to seee my friends!!! WOWOWHO!

Im leavin in like a half hour to go to the Mall w/ Amanda! and then Tyler and Dustin are going to We'll prob see themm

and I need to talk to Heather asap. its important...

Well Im outta heree! Hope you HAd a good new years! :):D

Whatd you do for New Years ?

This is sad, I'll Never stop loving you..... FUCK.
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[December 28, 2004]
[ mood | sad ]

Well.. I most deffinately am sad right now.
But I guess its for the better.
Not better for me. but I cant change anything.
and He was like perfect for me in everyway, but i cant have everything my way.

I had a good christmas :)

Heather and Eric told me to be happy :)
My brother called me a moron.
Its all good.

On the negative side. I have nothing to do for new years. yaye. :(

Well im gonna go You dont care anyways.

</3> edit; </b> Amber o x11 (5:25:19 PM): he has a big, bouncy bed.;-) I heart her:)

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[December 24, 2004]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Its Christmas Eve!!! :)

This Break has been quite boring. I need to see my friends really soon!!
I went and saw Meet the Fockers with Derek lastnight, its a funny movie. :)

I was really sad lastnight and today, but now im all better thanks to Trina!! I love her!! Shes aaawesome!<3 She's always there for me :)

I cant believe that tomorrow is already Christmas. This year has gone by soo fast.

Now I gotta think of a New years Resolution.

I miss hanging out with all my friends. :(

I miss taking a million pictures w/ heather and laughing for no reason.

I miss going to Trinas every single day.
I miss that Hanging out with Madison Constantly.
I miss talking to Amanda on the bus, telling her everything

I miss everything.

Austin was gonna come visit me, but he didnt know where i lived :( I miss that kid soo much!!

It hurts knowing im not the only girl He's thinking of.

</3 Hopefully everything gets better soooon!!

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[December 21, 2004]
[ mood | listless ]


Okay so this break isnt all that fun that I thought it was going to be.

                                 The only fun I had was on Friday at the skyroom

         with Derek and Heather :)

                                                  But Thursday should be funn! :) <33 Im going w/ Derek!!

Well this whole time Ive been hanging out w/ my cool brothers. mostly Nate. Nothing to exciting.

                                                                       Me and Heather are going to Hang out soonn!!!!


l0ve mistake: my cat is droolingCollapse )

well i have absolutely nothing to say. :)

                                              Derek is my favorite uncool loserpants :)
                       Gosh hes so ducked up..

     xoxox i love you. :)

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[December 20, 2004]
[ mood | bored ]


There are only 5 days left till Christmas!!! :D

Me and Derekkk are going to See meet the Fockers on Thursday :) Yaye

Well I have absolutely nothing to say so i'll just post pictures.


Randomnized pictures. <3Collapse )

Well thats all. I was bored. bye:)



edit; if anyone figures out what Dpphut means. then you are my new favorite person :) But as me and heather would say, Y.G.F.A :D
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[December 18, 2004]
[ mood | complacent ]

Went to thee skyroom with Heather and Derek.
Had a lot of fun. :)

Me and Heather danced in the bathroom, the macarina.
Then Derek joined.
Quit some fun :)

Then we met up with Eric, cool kid. Then I fell asleep on Derek.

I had my first Rockstar Energy drink, it was so gross. lol but oh well.

Me and Derek decided that I sleep too much. yeah i dont know why.

Derek, your so lovely :) ahha

I love my uncool friends and DEREK! :D



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[December 16, 2004]
[ mood | happy ]

1 more day! one more day! 1 more day!
:) Yeah its quite exciting. I dont know what to update about.
btw if you didnt know.
Me and Derek are going out.:)
He got me a gift today.:) It was cuuuuuuute<3 I love him :D

We got a new house yesterday or something, its bigger and better. I like it. And its like 2 blocks from Kalynn!! :D YAYAYE!!!!!

Today is Christopher Greenes birthday! :) and Yesterday was my brothers. how cool :) lol.

Well I have nothing else to say

Laterz. :)
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[December 11, 2004]
[ mood | okay ]

Ok so heres the update

Went to school and found Derek and walked around for a little bit then he walked me to class then had all my classes. Got pushed around a little bit after school, thanks elliot and jason. then almost missed the bus.

Then Me and Derek went to the Bball game, it was fun.
He's really ticklish and so I kept tickling him:)and then we werent gonna go to the dance, but then decided to go to the dance, I had a lot of fun at the dance,although i couldnt keep something of my mind. Then at the last slow song Derek sang to me:),He has a really good voice:)

although I had a really fun night, I was sad for reasons.
I hate having my hopes up for no reason.


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[December 8, 2004]
[ mood | sad ]

Well today wasnt a very good day. and i wanna cry uncontrolably.! :(

            i feel like ive messed up on everything, and i cant do nothing about it now. and it makes me really sad.. i wish i could understand people better, understand everything better. why does today have to be such a bad day:( I just wish it was better.. No one could possibly make this day better.. and no one would try either .


</3 </3

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[December 7, 2004]
[ mood | touched ]

*The rules. I dont know. you probably read it in someone elses journal.*

1. we have so many insiders together.!, its like we're
twins or something. I seriously dont know what I'd do
without you! hanging out on 4/20 is a def. possibility.

2. I just met you this year, and wow! I dont know whatd
I do w/ out you! we have a lot of jokes together, cuz
your my loserpants. :) I love you So much dumbo! :)
you turn me on hah! <3

3. We just met this year and it seems like forever!! omg
We've got some crazy memories! hah! Spanish wouldnt be
the same w/ out you.!!! Gotta hang out soon and watch our
fav. movie sleepover!

4. Omg!! I would die if it werent for you!! your seriously
always there for me.!! Your so funny! We must go to a
Adam Sandler movie again and cry. and lock ourselves
outside. :P

5. We just started talking this year and your awesome hun!
your so pretty. :) standing in the middle of metro skate.
hah. we're cool :)

6. Omg me and you have been through so much together!
its insane!!!! Your my buddy buddy. I'll always love you!
I dont know whatd I do w/ out you!! Bgf:) so glad we met
last year.

7. Hello!! Omg we have so many memories together!! Even
though we havent hung out much lately, but for sure we
will soon!! Positions! hah!

8. What would I do w/ out you and your smartness in Science?
Hah your too funny girl, glad we started talking this year!

9. Omg Seminar would be boooooring w/ out you! I can always
tell you anything!! Your always there for me, we must hang
out soon!!

10. You always know how to make me laugh! What would we
do without llama skewl? Hah! Montreal, party party.

11. We've just started becoming better friends this year.
We dont really have much memos. But your the only one
that still makes fun of me for my shoe getting stuck in
the side walk.

12. We just met this year! holy crap it dont seem that
way! Our b/fs are cars.! lmfao! So many greeat ass times!
Thank God for you! your seriously so effin funny!

**The rest of my friends dont use livejournal, so theres no point in doing it.**

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[December 4, 2004]
[ mood | bored ]

Today I had to go to my little cousins birthday,  so i couldnt go to sarahs party.

I miss Derek! :(  I dont get to talk to him til sunday.

well I have nothing else to say right now


Me and My step mom <33Collapse )

well yes, that was my day. :)

Comment if youd like.<33

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[December 2, 2004]
[ mood | I've been nostalgic lately.. ]

Deciding to update again.
Got up went to turn my light on, my lightbulb burnt out, i was mad. So I got dressed in the dark It was kind of hard but oh well I managed :) Then got to school had an interesting conversation with Amanda on the bus. Found Heather she explained her very happy story to me. Then saw Derek and he walked me to my class :) Then had my classes.

Then got home, fell asleep for 5 minutes. Then went to look at house cuz we're moving and I met the ugliest house today.
Not to mention Amanda wasnt on the bus so I was bored. People on my bus are immature.

fyi derek and heather are thee 2 coolest people i know. thank you.

Sorry heather I know being cool is sick. but it just happend this way. =/ lol

Well I love you! Im going to watch a movie that heather recomended, A christmas w/ out Santa. Sounds cute. <3

Well You can comment if you want to.


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[December 1, 2004]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Okay so I decided to update.

went to school and then went to trinas after school then to the tanners then fell asleep in the bed and got scared when I woke up then went back to trinas then came home and got online. and now im talking to derek.

Derek Andrew Keenan = total awesomenessly loserpants that is a dumbo wumbo jumbo cumbo lumbo and I <3 him cuz he is radulicious and ducked up! :)

Comment if youd like to.


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[November 29, 2004]
[ mood | Soo Tired... ]

So Who still reads my journal?

<3333 Bre :)
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[November 28, 2004]
[ mood | refreshed:) ]

Girls what would you prefer a guy call you?


I would prefer a guy call me beautiful.

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[November 25, 2004]
[ mood | rejected. ]

Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

What are you doing for thanksgiving??


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[November 23, 2004]
[ mood | nothing to do ]

Well this weekend is going to be fun.
Me Trina Tyler nd Tony are all getting together. :)
I found out Madison don't like me cuz Im mean to her. ha.

Just to inform you, Derek is a cool cat. and He is the Coolest Loserpant I know;) hah


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[November 21, 2004]
[ mood | Dont let it go to ur head ]

I totally got a new layout! lol
I get bored easily:)

What do you think?
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